Company Profile

Farmer’s Fresh & Healthy Products Ltd, is a newly formed organization that has been put together by highly professional and experienced people in the industry after identifying the need for diversification, to market both our production as well as our partner’s products in Greece. Joining forces, knowledge and expertise is the new trend in business nowadays and this is the reason why we have joint our forces together.

The scope of the new organization is to promote Cyprus exports with all fresh produce grown in Cyprus and in addition as a complementary activity, and together with our partners in Greece, we can offer a broad range of Greek products.

Strategic alliances/partnerships were made with both certified packers and Global Gap growers in Cyprus and Greece, in order to offer the highest possible quality of products and service following strict international standards regarding production and packaging guidelines.

Main products are:

  • Citrus products which are available as of the beginning of the season that usually starts middle of October until beginning of May.
  • Pomegranates (Wonderful) which are offered as of the end October until February.
  • Cyprus potatoes which are available as of the winter Crop in mid-November until end of the Spring crop that runs until beginning of June.
  • Other products include Greek stone fruit, Apples, Pears and Kiwi.