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In Cyprus mainly 2 varieties are grown. Acco and Wonderful which are the most famous and well known Pomegranate available in the market and is a late season variety. It has a dark red internal color and external red color with very good brix and acid ratio which gives it its special and famous taste. Acco is available as of early September and Wonderful from late October to March.

The Wonderful variety of pomegranate, known for its sweet taste and plentiful juice, deliver antioxidants such as polyphenols and nutrients such as vitamin C and fibre. The arils of the Wonderful variety are a beautiful ruby red and are great for a snack or for adding to your favourite recipes.

Wonderful is the most famous and well-known Pomegranate available on the market. It is a late season variety, available from late October until the end of February. It has a dark red internal colour and external red colour with a very good brix and acid ratio which gives it its special and famous taste. It has a rather long shelf life which makes it the Pomegranate with the longest shelf life available in the market. 

The Acco variety is growing in importance thanks to its early availability (it can be eaten from the end of summer), its sweet flavour and the deep red colouring both of its fruit and its skin. Other important traits of this pomegranate are its size, which ranges from 500 to 600 grammes, its hardiness and the smoothness of its seeds. 

Acco is an early variety, available from the middle of August to the end of September. It has dark red texture both internally and externally and very sweet taste as a result of low acidity. Its shelf life is rather short (3-4 weeks) which makes it a product for short term handling.


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